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As an alternative to impregnated wood, Cleanwood is a natural wood product, manufactured through special drying techniques applied at approximately 220 ˚C without any use of chemical additives. Resin and sap within the wood is extracted by high heat treatment. The cell structure altered by this procedure, the wood provides durability in outdoor conditions (water, humidity, sun, wind, etc.) without any need for surface protecting agents.

The major feature of the heat treated material is the decrease of warping in the wood material in parallel with decrease in the humidity balance.

Thanks to this feature, CLEANWOOD is used in areas where dimensional stabilization plays an important role.

Since no chemical additives are used during manufacture, CLEANWOOD is a healthy and natural material.

Thanks to its improving features, heat treated wooden material provides numerous new and attractive opportunities with industrial potential and significance.

Features of Cleanwood

- High resistance to corrosion
- Cleaner surface
- Water resistant for prolonged periods
- Tougher surface
- 20% increase in bending strength
- 90% decrease in humidity based distortion
- Ease of processing
- Fully protected against fungus and corrosion
- Hygiene and Insulation properties
- Suitable for all types of painting and lubrication

Examples for Cleanwood Application

- Exterior Facade sidings
- Interior Facade sidings
- Ceiling and floor furnishings
- Saunas
- Garden Furniture
- Swimming Pools

- Boat Construction
- Balcony, Bower, Pergola
- Walkways
- Stair Steps and Handrails
- Carpentry

Cleanwood Durability Classification Chart

Categorized under 5 classes as per European Standards. Cleanwood technology is categorized under ‘very tough’ class between unprocessed wood types.
Class 1 Class 2 Class 3 Class 4 Class 5
Extremely Tough Very Tough Tough Satisfactorily Tough Less Tough
Teak Juniper
European Oak
Siberian Fir
Dugl. Fir
European Fir
Red Oak
Plane Tree
Ash Tree
Plack Pine

Cleanwood Profile Range

High heat treated wood “Cleanwood” is manufactured as the following profile types. Different profile shapes can be manufactured upon request.
ham Düz Döseme Döseme
Flat Straight Furnishing Furnishing
Döseme Lambiri  
Furnishing Wainscot